Care Professionals

HCD makes supply management simple for care professionals utilizing in the HCBS community. One phone call each month is all it takes to get everything you need for your patients and facilities. With HCD, you always have what you need, when you need it, at a cost that’s great for your bottom line.

Give more time to your clients and less to supply management. One call each month takes care of the supplies for your clients and the home. Our revolutionary system saves you money and makes it easy to manage your supply inventory. We really mean it when we say: “We’ll take care of the supplies so you can take care of the people.”

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Maximize Your Budget for Better Care

Budgets can be challenging in group home situations, but with HCD, yours will be healthier than ever. We know the HCBS market, and we’ll make sure your patients are using all of their qualified benefits. With our help, you’ll get the proper reimbursements from the right sources, such as Medicaid, Medicare, health plans, and special waivers.

Get More with Us:

  • Save money by utilizing more of your patients’ insurance coverage
  • Get the most out of your patients’ waiver benefits
  • Spend less out-of-pocket on supplies that should be covered by other programs

We Handle The Details

Time is a precious resource in home communities, and with HCD, you get more of it. We work directly with insurers and doctors on your behalf, collecting and submitting the right documentation so that you can focus on the people you care for.

Always Here For You:

  • No more paperwork; we’ll handle it for you
  • Documentation specialists that work with your doctor and state
  • Best-in-class compliance team that understands your eligibility

Everything You Need in One Place

It’s no fun juggling multiple vendors to keep your supplies in stock. Get everything from us, and cut down on time and hassle. We supply everything for your care needs: cleaning supplies, paper products, linens, personal hygiene items, toiletries, and more. One 15 minute call gets you supplies for a month, freeing your time for more important things.

Your Supplies Made Easy:

  • Incontinence, enteral, nutrition, catheters, ostomy and wound care products
  • Wholesale access to a wide range of top-quality housekeeping and hygienic products
  • Easy reordering – One phone monthly call to handle all of your needs
  • Consolidated statements and billing

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